Saturday, August 23, 2008

Glory Days of the Past: part I

Ok, so I created this blog quite a long time ago with this delusions of grandeur, to show off all my work that I create just because I wanted to. And..... I don't. Psh! Why am I not surprised? Anyway, I haven't been the most productive lately, so I figured I just start off with some older stuff to get the ball rolling. Here is my first offering to start as post numero uno! This was my senior year fashion show collection, shown in the Spring of 2007. I won two awards; "Best Pattering of an Original Design" (quite a mouthful!) and "Designer of the Year."

Technical info: All patterns were drafted directly from each model's measurements. All pleating was done by me, all appliques were done by me, the masks were made of plaster bandages and I made them in an art class my last semester. And if you were curious at all, the musical selection for the models to strut their stuff was by Skinny Puppy, entitle "Immortal." Ok, here we go!

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