Saturday, August 23, 2008

Glory Days of the Past: part II

Ok... So I took a Fibers Arts class... and the two major projects of this class was a weaving assignment and a felted project. Afterwards, I had them entered into the Student Juried Art Exhibition. Both pieces got accepted to show, and I even won an award! GO ME!!!

In case you can't tell, the top piece is the woven assignment, and the bottom piece was the felted. You remember when I said that I am slightly obsessed with fashion, and that means that almost everything I make is in some way wearable. So.... The woven piece is a necklace of sorts, inspired by H.R. Giger's work. The felted piece is a a "tool belt" of sorts, and has several pockets for specific purposes, such as holding pencils (rather than forgetting about them in my back jean pocket, and then sitting...)

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