Saturday, September 6, 2008

For my Fellow Knitters!

I was going through my old stash of catalogs and I found this Anthopologie one for Christmas 2004. I sort of feel the need to post some pictures because I have friends that knit, and one in particular known for knitting sweater ornaments (Meglahtidon, that's you). So here we go!! (*coughcough* click on pictures to see them much bigger!!!!!)

Ok, so this one above isn't technically knitted, but you know... sewing. I love sewing. :D

And well... Although I would not torture my cute fuzzies with this stuff, I certainly is tempting!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Bird in Hand... Two in a Tree? Uh...


I've been productive in some manner.  WHOO!!!  I sort of went dumpster diving and found this shelf (ok, I didn't set out to go dumpster diving... but I saw it, and I had been wanting a new shelf thingy, so I snatched it up)

Sorry, I didn't feel like rotated in picture.  Anyway, here's a before!

And the below is after a bunch of spray paint and acrylic paint!!!!  (oh, P.S.  Click on any photo to see it much bigger)

I sort of wrapped the branches around a bit there... see?

Tweet tweet?  It's shiny metallic.