Saturday, September 6, 2008

For my Fellow Knitters!

I was going through my old stash of catalogs and I found this Anthopologie one for Christmas 2004. I sort of feel the need to post some pictures because I have friends that knit, and one in particular known for knitting sweater ornaments (Meglahtidon, that's you). So here we go!! (*coughcough* click on pictures to see them much bigger!!!!!)

Ok, so this one above isn't technically knitted, but you know... sewing. I love sewing. :D

And well... Although I would not torture my cute fuzzies with this stuff, I certainly is tempting!


meglahtidon said...


Megan Dean said...

I especially love the little knitted clocks!! So cool! Wow Anthropologie from 2004?? This is the reason I love keeping all of my old magazines (Evan does NOT get it! And even Peter said "you have a problem"). :)

Heidi said...

Well, not to say that my obsessive collecting and hoarding of old mags isn't signs of a major problem, but there are benefits!

I just realized that one of the knitted ball ornaments has a thread loose on one of the flowers. :( It breaks my heart. AND I realize that those little mini sweaters are more detailed and prettier than any sweater that is in my closet.